Albion Park Greyhounds News

Albion Park greyhound racing has a rich history of excellent racing in a world class arena. In fact the Albion Park greyhounds are so popular it is the most raced greyhound track in Australia, racing every Monday and Thursday night as well as every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Sitting in…

Albion Park Greyhounds

Greyhound racing has been a popular sport all over the world since 1912, when its official modern format had been created. The creator, Owen Patrick Smith designed a circular or oval track with a lure that dogs can chase. The lure is usually an artificial rabbit or a hare that is taken across the track. Each race is held for about 15 minutes with a fixed number of dogs in every race. For a more exhilarating experience, race courses feature these races back to back. Australia has one of the biggest markets for greyhound racing in the world. The Australian Greyhound Racing Association governs all the races that are held around the country and help promote the sport. Gambling on these races is a very important feature of the sports as well and online gambling facilities have revolutionized the gambling experience.

Many subdivisions for Australia’s provinces and districts have been established and feature numerous race courses, trotting farms and race tracks for greyhounds. The dogs are given kennels and maintained by the trainers that these associations provide. The objectives of the national association include the commercial promotion of the sport, maintenance of the dogs, finding homes that would adopt the dogs, feature international and national shows, regulate race courses and keep a control on the betting activities as well as avoid corruption in the races. One of the most recent issues that have come up with the association is the drugs that the dogs were given for better performance on the track. This act was then criminalized and the dogs were tested and new laws made to penalize the trainers and owners of the dog in question. Albion Park Greyhounds

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Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dogs in the world, having reached records of up to 45 km/h. They have a very muscular structure with flexible spines that help them sprint longer distances than other dogs. Known for their very opinionated nature, they cannot be forced to do anything without their own will, hence the lure that is used for the races. Although there are famous for their temperament, they are known to get very attached to their owners and trainers. Their maintenance is fairly simple since they have very short hair and dot require the same amount of exercise that other dogs need.

Gambling and greyhound racing have been associated with each other since racing initially started. Today, it is a very well organized facility that is provided in most race courses around the world. In the United States, gambling is strictly forbidden in all states except Nevada and Delaware. In Europe, gambling is not criminalized but is regulated by associations around the continent. Australia has much more lenient laws regarding betting in dog racing and every race track features a gambling centre where bookmakers are available for punters. Betting is now available online with a number of online bookmakers and websites offering sports books and tips and tutorials for those interested in learning how to gamble.

Albion Park greyhound racing

Albion Park is the southern suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales in Australia. Although the city doesn’t boast a large population, it is home to some of the best greyhound racing clubs in the country. They’re betting facilities are a lot more organized with each club having their own website not only promoting but giving online access to betting on races that take place in the clubs. The Albion Park Racing Complex is a very large center for racing that features some of the top national and international tournaments in their very well kept race courses. The Brisbane’s Greyhound Racing Club is also located there and races are presented there on Monday and Thursday nights as well as Wednesday afternoons. This racing club is fast becoming one of Australia’s top racing clubs. The clubs also provide a range of facilities for functions such as catering and venues.

The clubs and race tracks in Albion Park encourage the adoption of greyhounds after they have retired from racing. They also promote the sport through various mediums as well as provide maintenance services, medical care, kennels and exercise for the dogs.

The benefits of betting systems in greyhound races

Many bettors and punters around the globe work towards devising a betting system that would make the probability of their winnings much higher than it is. This is not completely possible, but the advent of many betting systems today have made it a lot easier to predict the accurate outcome of the races. Betting systems are usually employed in handicap races, where it is a lot easier to exploit the previous outcomes in order to place more accurate bets. Betting on greyhounds is a lot easier than other gambling activities and provide a lot more benefits.

When you visit a race and get the program that features the day’s race agenda, you will get an idea about the races that are being held that day, the names of the dogs and their histories. With this information you can plan out your wager beforehand. For example if one of the dogs has won around 5 or more races before this race, many people will be picking that dog as a favorite. This would definitely reduce the wager winnings, since most race tracks offer pari-mutuel betting. Choosing the dog that didn’t win in previous races only increases your chances of winning a higher amount.

Betting on your favorite dogs online

You can now bet on your favorite dogs online from a vast number of websites offering betting services as well as tips and tutorials. Whether you’re sitting at home, stuck at work, traveling or just unable to visit your favorite racetracks and shows, you wont miss out on betting on these races. All it needs is an internet connection to keep you updated and connected to the betting circuit. So log on to bookmaker and race track websites and place winning wagers on your favorite dogs.